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Infrastructure, EPC & Mining


CDIL is the majority stake holder of Mongolian Coal Company PLC (MCC) and engaged with China Machinery Engineering Corporation to develop an integrated surface coal mine and electric power plant to export electricity to China at the Mongolia Khuuvar Bulag Mine to support a 2×660 MW Power Plants units.

The Mongolia Khuuvur Bulag Coal Mine is located in the northern part of Mongolia, Choibalsan Basin, 655 km east of Ulaanbaatar, about 40.0 km east of Choibalsan City, 55 km to the west of Habiriga Port, about 265 km to the north Beige lattice Port.

The north site is located on a gentle slope 0.6 km north of the boundary of exploration region, and 40.0 km to northwest of Choibalsan city. The site and its surroundings are open and flat. Within the precincts of the site, the natural terrain elevation is generally between 720 m and 742 m, with an elevation difference of about 22 m. Low-lying in west and north, the site is covered by sparse plants and has favorable drainage conditions. The site topography is mainly Gobi and grassland. The wide valleys between them form a landscape of desert and open field. The site is suitable for construction, involving no demolishment of buildings (structures) and farmland.

Within the site there are no mineable deposits, artifacts, ruins, relics and fossils.


According to our schedule, the project will commence in 2022 reaching full power production rates by 2024.

Sited in a plateau, design of the project must consider such natural conditions as high altitude, cold weather, drought and small precipitation, and special geological conditions.

Mongolia is a droughty and cold area where the surface water is not enough, and mainly deep water is used. Therefore, air-cooling units are considered to be employed. Our main objectives in the Khuuvar Bulag project:

1) To make full use of coal resources, constructing one coal and electricity integration project to achieve the optimal allocation of resources;

2) an important practice for “one belt one road” strategy in the field of energy construction; 
3) to promote economic and social development in Mongolia and Choibalsan areas;
4) to meet the demand for electricity in East China, and to meet the needs of rapid development of regional economy and load in East China; 
5) conducive to China to achieve energy-saving emission reduction targets;
6) Creating facility for a large data center facility


Geographical wiring of Mongolia grids before Operation of this project is shown above. Through previous field reconnaissance, the following connection scheme was preliminarily selected:

Two circuits of 1,000 kV AC lines with a cross sectional area of 8 × 400 mm² from the power plant to East China are to be constructed in this phase. Two bays will be constructed in Ximeng 1,000 kV Substation in double bus connection mode. In this phase, two 1,000 kV bays will be constructed and spaces reserved for future expansion as shown in the following diagram.


Khuuvur Bulag Coal Mine is a large lignite base in the Dornod province of Mongolia, covering an area of 2,385.46 hectares, located 65 km east of Ulan Bator City and 50 km east of Choibalsan of the provincial capital. The proposed power plant project will rely on Khuuvur Bulag coal resources, to construct one coal and electricity integration projects, improve the local conversion rate of resources, and export electricity to China.

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