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About Us

China Development Integration Limited (“CDIL”) is based in Hong Kong since 1987, for the benefit of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”). The company engaged in large scale Infrastructure, Transportation, Mining, Trading, Agriculture, Communication, Pharmaceutical Real-Estate, Financial Modeling and finance operations in China and Internationally. The company primarily focuses on origination of large-scale EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects alongside with the various affiliated PRC state-owned enterprises in the numerous industries, which synergetic to the development of China and its collaboration to Pacific RIM Asia industries. 

As our main focus is in infrastructure and EPC projects, We have been working for the past two years on acquiring the next generation of transportation and boring cutting edge technologies. We were very successful by finalizing and implementing those technologies in our organization, and we are planning to initiate the mega-transportation project in Europe, Balkan, Middle East, Pacific RIM Asia, Australia,  and potentially Ontario Canada accumulating an approximate investment of 150 Billion Euro, alongside with the major SOE’s of our group.

Our main EPC arm is China Machinery Engineering Corporation. China Machinery Engineering Corporation was built on its predecessor China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, which was set up in 1978. In 2012, CMEC was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Its controlling stake is now owned by China National Machinery Industry Corporation. The core business of CMEC is engineering contracting, but as a large international conglomerate, it also extends into trade, investment, R&D and international services.  With more than 30 years of experience in the engineering industry, CMEC has developed the capacity to provide one-stop, customized, complete plant solutions spanning preliminary planning, EPC, financing, and operation and maintenance. It has expanded its business presence to 47 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, forming a project contracting system with electric power energy at the core and covering transportation, telecommunications, waterworks, building materials and cement, etc. In February 1983, CMEC won the bid to build a 210MW thermal power station in Guddu, Pakistan, becoming the first Chinese corporation to undertake overseas contracts under the export seller’s credit agreement. Upon entering the 21st century, CMEC became the first company to introduce Chinese-made 600MW supercritical coal-fired generator to the international market. In December 2012, the EREN (1+1) ×600MW supercritical coal-fired power plant in Turkey won the Luban Award for Overseas Projects, making itself the first overseas coal-fired power plant to win this prize. In November 2015, the Belezov project in Belarus also won the Luban Award for Overseas Projects. Dubbed as the Three Gorges Project of the Republic of Congo, the Imboulou 4x30MW Hydropower Station was completed and put into operation in 2010. Started in April 2016, the Pakistan Thar Mining and Power Project is not only the first coal & power integration project for the China-Brazil Economic Corridor that has been implemented, but also CMEC’s first overseas power investment project under the strategy of business development driven by investment.

In the area of international trade, CMEC is a pioneer in China’s machinery and electronic products industry. It is now the key supplier of high-end casting and forging products for top international corporations including GE, Caterpillar and Liebherr. CMEC was the comprehensive power solutions supplier for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, and the iconic new office building of China Central Television. CMEC has been actively promoting the new energy project of distributed PV plants and now possesses the capacity to provide one-stop systematic services.

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