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Creating the Future

From China to the Silk Road Countries




“一带一路”(OBOR)是中国政府为鼓励中国企业在海外寻找新的市场和投资机会而提倡的一项举措。支持来自政府最高层, 其中提供包括500亿美元基金在内的实质性政策,中国国家主席习近平更将该政策作为其外交政策和国内经济策略的核心。 












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One Belt, One Road ("OBOR") is an initiative pursued by the Chinese government to encourage Chinese firms to look abroad in search of new markets and investments opportunities. Support comes from the highest levels of government, which has backed the policy with substantial firepower including a US$50 billion fund, and Chinese President Xi Jinping has made the policy a centerpiece of both his foreign policy and domestic economic strategy.

OBOR stretches geographically to cover many countries of diversified backgrounds.  An OBOR Project could be independently stand-alone projects, but OBOR idea would serve the best to all stakeholders if they are linked together effectively by experienced project coordinator/strategist.

CDIL, since 1987 has been engaged in large scale Infrastructure, transportation, mining trading, agriculture, communication, pharmaceutical, real estate and so on.  Our 30 years experience allows us to structure special situation for cross border projects which in the past would be stand-alone projects.  But now we would develop a strategy to welt, warp diversified and complicated elements together to form 3-dimensional project landscape.

Our main expertise is in complex integrated EPC, Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure projects with multiple moving components and various functioning partners, special joint ventures of Government to Government and Business to Government, where we bring the experienced capacity of initiating the projects and see its completion via the full process of preliminary planning and design, building the financial and integration models, financial engineering to ensure funding of equity and finance.

We are experienced in dealing with participants of different cultures, diversified talents and top-notch management.  We would continue to provide support in post-completion management.

We are a strategist.  We look at every project as unique and we weft and warp all the essential elements in a project to its completion and implementation.


With Compliments,

Kui Shing Lai, Andy








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